The increase in registration fees is due to AHA charges and club operating costs increasing for the 2020 season.

Grade Fee
Premier Grades $ 485.00
Division 1-4 Grades $ 445.00
Youth Grades $ 280.00
Junior Grades:
Year 1 & 2 $ 115.00
Year 3 & 4 $ 145.00
Year 5 & 6 $ 185.00
Year 7 & 8 $ 210.00

Discounts available:

  • Tertiary Students playing Senior hockey. $ 50.00
  • Goal-keepers providing their own gear $100.00


  • Junior teams 50% of relevant grade fees, maximum of $100 per team
  • Youth teams $100.00 per team
  • Senior teams $100.00 per team
If there are co-coaches, the discount will be split between the coaches.

Payment of fees:

  • Seniors/Youth players: 50% of fees must be paid by 31 March 2019, Balance paid in full by 1 May 2019
  • Junior players: 100% of fees must be paid by 1 April 2019
  • Late payment fee: A $50.00 late payment fee will be applied to all fees not paid by 1 May and for which no instalment arrangement has been made. This applies to fees charged in all grades. No exceptions will be made.
  • By registering to play, players are committing to pay the full amount of the registration fees by the due dates. The club reserves the right to stand down players from playing if they do not do so.

Payment Options:

  1. Online banking - Club Bank Account ASB 12-3040-0527329-00. (please include player’s initials and surname as Reference).
  2. Seniors and Youth players must pay 50% of their fees by 31 March 2019 and the balance by 1 May 2019 unless an instalment arrangement has been made.
  3. Senior and Youth players may pay the balance of their fees by instalment. Instalment arrangement must be completed by 7 June 2019. Players should set up an automatic payment to ensure that payments are made regularly.
  4. Players wishing to pay the remainder of their fees by instalment must contact Wendy Schofield, Club Treasurer before the start of the season to arrange a payment plan.